With the blessing of his eminence Metropolitan Metodij, the Macedonian Youth Network (MYNET) operates as the youth section of St. Clement of Ohrid Macedonian Orthodox Cathedral in Toronto. Founded in 2015, MYNET aims to create a positive impact on the social fabric of St. Clement and the wider Macedonian community of Toronto by engaging Macedonian youth and strengthening the ties between the social, cultural and religious aspects of what it is to be Macedonian. MYNET strives to achieve this goal by providing Macedonian youth with the opportunity to connect with one another, organize events, activities and initiatives, and actively promote and preserve the Macedonian culture and Macedonian Orthodox faith.

Today, MYNET continues to plan dances, trips, fundraisers, humanitarian activities and a variety of other events for Macedonian youth. MYNET works closely with the board of directors of St. Clement and with other Macedonian organizations in the community to promote cohesion.

MYNET would like to acknowledge and thank parish priest Father Sasho Celeski for his role as the group’s spiritual leader, and previous parish priest Father Ilija Donev for his guidance in forming the group.

2021 - 2022 St. Clement of Ohrid Youth Auxiliary Membership List

Executive Board

President: Elena Milenkovski
Vice President: Christian Rostankovski
Secretary: Victoria Veljanov
Treasurer: Alexis Jovanovski
Assistant Treasurer: Isabelle Gusevski


Communications: Hristina Veljanovska
Social Media: Chloe Milevski
Events: Gabriella Dimovski

General Members

Agovski, Anastasia
Bosevski, Stephan
Chase, Matthew
Dukoski, Viktorija
Gusevski, Emma
Maksimoska, Maria
Maksimoska, Vida
Mangos, Velica
Milenkovski, Samoil
Milevski, Jovan
Nestor, Antonio
Nikolovski, Filip

Nikolovski, Kristian
Pavlovski, Fiona
Petkovski, Nikola
Rostankovski, Matthew
Scully, Phyllis
Stoyanova, Anna-Maria
Trendov, Kiril
Trpeski, Naumce
Trpeski, Petar
Uskovska, Simona
Zdravkovski, Daniel
Ziskos, Peter