The Founding Fathers of St. Clement of Ohrid, Toronto.

The Macedonian Orthodox Cathedral “St. Clement of Ohrid” has been the centre of the Macedonian community in Canada for 60 years.

On October 31, 1962, a Charter and church congregation were formed, effectively commencing the construction of what would become the Cathedral Church of the Canadian seat of the American-Canadian Diocese of the Macedonian Orthodox Church – the spiritual matriarch to tens of thousands of Orthodox Canadian-Macedonians. After months of fundraising, in April 1964, the construction of St. Clement began. Within one year, the cathedral was completed. April 18, 1965 was a day that Orthodox Macedonians in Canada will remember forever – the Consecration of the Macedonian Orthodox Cathedral “St. Clement of Ohrid”, in Toronto.

Today, St. Clement not only tends to the spiritual needs of Toronto’s Macedonian community, but it is also home to several prominent educational, cultural and charitable organizations that actively preserve and promote the Macedonian ethnic and cultural awareness.


Congregation Formed


Construction Begins


Consecration of the Cathedral