Auctioning of the Holy Icons

Auctioning of the Holy Icons

Dear Parishioners!

On Sunday, January 21st, in celebration of the Baptism of Our Lord Jesus Christ – Theophany (Vodici), the Cathedral Church “St. Clement of Ohrid”, will be hosting the annual auction of holy icons following the liturgy.

This year, we are excited to announce that we have a completely new set of over 100 icons for auctioning that complete the calendar (liturgical) cycle of holidays. The new set of icons is especially enriched by including the majority of Macedonian saints, while standardizing the size and quality of the icons. Our current icons will be archived to preserve these priceless pieces of St. Clement’s history that have been worn from continuous use for many years. We plan to eventually have these icons displayed as part of an Icon Gallery in the church.

In the period after Theophany, it is customary to call your priests to bless your homes. A beautiful act in which the whole family participates! For more information on blessing the home or to make an appointment, please contact the parish priests, Fr. Sasho Celeski (437-225-0962) and Fr. Aleksandar Todorovski (647-801-9915).

You can view the new collection of icons by clicking on the “Holy Icon Catalog” button below. We have also prepared a Guide to our Holy Icons where you can learn more about the lives of the saints and the meanings of the feast days.

Please remember that all icons auctioned are given on loan. You must return the icons before next year’s auction.

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