The church choir at St. Clement of Ohrid in Toronto, has always been cherished as an important part of church worship. Due to COVID-19 restrictions imposed in 2020, the long-running church choir was unfortunately disbanded.

Hearing about the increasingly popular old Eastern style of church singing that was originally sung in Macedonian churches of the past, the faithful expressed an interest in implementing the same form of choir singing in the church services at St. Clement. This is how the idea to reform the St. Clement church choir, studying and singing the songs and hymns from the Holy Divine Liturgy in the old Eastern Church style, was born.

Today, the church choir is directed by the parish priest, Archpriest Aleksandar Todorovski. Father Aleksandar was a student in the first generation of Macedonian Orthodox Theology to study the older, Macedonian, original Eastern singing, and he now passes on his acquired knowledge to all parishioners who want to participate in the church choir.

Choir rehearsals are held every Tuesday starting at 5:00 PM in the church “St. Clement of Ohrid”.

All believers who want to take part in the church choir can contact the office of the church or the parish priests.