St. Joanikij of Rakotinci – January 24th

St. Joanikij of Rakotinci – January 24th

On January 24th, we celebrate St. Joanikij of Rakotinci, Macedonian archimandrite, teacher and doctor!

A prayer to the venerable St. Joanikij

Our venerable father Joanikij, healer of bodily illness and liberator of spiritual hardships, do not leave me to perish in the sorrow of my sins, embarrassed of the many wrongs of my heart. Free me from the reigns of my flesh and passions of desire. Do not let me succumb to the lustful temptations to which I am constantly exposed. Deflect from my heart all the arrows of the evil one, who loves only my destruction. Protect me with your intercessors before God, and free me, the wretched one, not only from bodily infirmities but also from all spiritual infirmities.

Oh, great miracle worker, before you I bow down and I pray only to you, protect our Motherland from the invasion of foreigners and preserve our Church from godless enemies. Establish the Orthodox faith in our people, leading them to repentance and rejection of sin, because you have found favour with God and within you the power of God has been glorified. Do not leave the priests and monks without your intercession, comfort them with the promised eternal goods, and enlighten them to rightly lead the flock of religious sheep entrusted to them by God to salvation. Strengthen the ascetics in their asceticism, hear the prayers of all the sick and hasten to help the weak. And finally, remember me, a sinful servant of God, who stands unworthily before your holy image, and I do not know with what words to express the many sins of my soul.

Secretary of human souls, who has deigned to look into the depths of man, look into my hardened heart, which stands far from God. Warm my petrified soul with the love of Christ, so that through prayer it may advance in the Orthodox faith, forgetting all the pernicious pleasures of this world. Who prays for all the burdened, deliver me from the burden of sinful sorrow, which I can no longer bear. By your intercession, help me to remove the vices of my body, so that I can rejoice in the penitential cry of salvation. You, who with tears built a ladder to heaven, ask God for inexhaustible rivers of penitential weeping to flow from my heart, in which I will wash my mind and purify my heart, so joyous in spirit, I will give glory to God, now and always, in this age and all ages. Amen!

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